The beautiful girl eats ”lizard” in a very comfortable way, no one dares to watch the whole video

The beautiful seems to be very brave when she can hold and put the food like a lizard into her mouth. In fact, the food she is trying is an animal named sand iguana. This food looks so terrible but this is a specialty of the Middle of Vietnam.

Iguana’s meat is very tasty. It’s often used to make salad, roasted and make porridge. The most delicious part of the iguana is its tail. This animal live in the coastal sandy area and its price is so high with 30$ per kilogram. Thanks to the high value, the animal was raised to sell for many restaurant.


This animal looks like a lizard.

But its meat is really good.

The most delicious part is the tail.

This food is served in restaurant because of high price.

You can enjoy this dish with chili salt.

Watch video:

The girl holds the ”lizard” and gives it to her mouth, the terrible scene!

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