Smoking at the gas station, this man is being sprayed fire extinguisher

Smoking, as we all know, is not good for both smoker and those who inhale it. And more importantly, smoking at gas station is not only affecting your health but also putting other’s life at risk.
This footage was recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria. Two cars arrive at the station at the same time and reaching for the pump to fill in their cars with gas. While the man in blue just casually doing his job, the one in white seems to argue with someone off camera.

Few seconds later, the station attendant shows up and he looks very determine to do something.

The man in red is reaching for the fire extinguisher, pops it open and sprays it all over the customer’s face.

Turns out, the customer is smoking cigarette despite the fact that he against the station’s regulation. Even after the attendant asks him to stop, nothing has changed. So the gas station worker decides to take the matter into his own hand by using the fire extinguisher to put off the smoke.

cho Gas Station Worker Sprays Cigarette Smoker with Fire Extinguisher
After that, the two keep on arguing about what happen and finally settle it down in peace.

Many users have comment on the incident after the video is posted on social networking sites. Most of the comments are to applause the attendant’s action.

“Station attendant’s response is perfect. There should be an automatic extinguisher and/or police should be alerted whenever there is a smoker at the pump. It should carry a decent sentence.” One user stated
“That was rude. I know it is a bad habit and he was trying to prevent a fire. Still, his action is considered assaulting other!! He should be sued” one commented

The warnings against smoking next to gas stations should always be heeded. In 2013, a Georgia man faced charges of reckless conduct after the action of flicking a cigarette lighter close to his gas tank ignited a fire that “severely injured” his wife, according to authorities.
We all know that fuel and open flares make for a horrible blend. We’ve seen enough action films to realize that when fuel is included, everything necessary is a little start to set off a monstrous blast. Take this video as a lesson! Smoking at gas stations is dangerous and you shouldn’t do it!
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