Russian Slapping Contests Have to be the World’s Most Brutal Sport

They say that sports in general are always intended to inflict some kind of loss, feelings of humiliation, or pain upon the opponent, but things have gotten very tame in the realm of mainstream sports throughout the world, compared to the last several millennia of “sports” on planet Earth.
However, one Russian sport is reinvigorating the brutality of past-era sports.

Something already like this exists in the UFC or boxing but there’s still something softened and manufactured about them. To explain why these sports are appreciated by people, articles say:
“But they’re sports, the people who compete in them are athletes, there’s skill and technique involved.
While there may be some semblance of technique here, I’m not sure the people taking part are athletes? I’m pretty sure they’re just folk who like hitting people, or like getting hit, or both?”
Now, prepare to be blown away by slapping competitions. These Russian “slapping competitions” are absolutely savage battles between people who allow themselves to be slapped as hard as the opponent can possibly slap, dead in the face.

Some of the slaps are delicate to the point of barely registering as a slap, but other slaps are utterly brutal. Some men involved in the competitions have beards, which would strongly insulate against the blow of a slap. However, it looks like they’d slap someone into a coma.
Mostly in and around the major Russian city of Moscow, these competitions have been taking place. The most recent slapping competition took place in April at the Sarychev Power Expo, which reportedly aims to promote the strongest men in Russia, power sports, and patriotism.
The competition has the organization of an elimination-style competition, in which two men battle each other. The battle continues, on and on, until one man surrenders.

In the clip above, a man much less heavy than his opponent endured slap after slap before conceding the victory to his opponent. His face was completely swollen red on the right side, as you can see near the end of the video.
Comments on the video read (spelling corrected):
“I don’t think it was necessary to write Russian in the title”
“that’s enough internet for today”
“If you think about it, it’s just like tennis.”
“In Russia slap means destroy face and cause permanent brain damage to your adversary and any offspring he might ever have.”

“Where is the old man’s edition”
“This is Why the aliens wont talk to us”
After being published in May, the video is already up to over 9 million views on YouTube.
The champion ended up being Yuriy Kuzmin, of Nizhny Novgorod. He endured the slaps of every participant and out-slapped every rival, achieving a first place prize and taking home $400 in prize money (25,000 rubles).

“This was really hard-hitting,” Kuzmin said on his social media.
“I want to thank all the participants of the first Russian slapping championship. You have put up an amazing show.”
The way the reaction to this has been, this might just become a more regular thing in Russia. The culture of the people and attitude of strength many Russians and Ukrainians have is certainly interesting.

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