Mother dog helps save her puppies trapped in a water drainage

A mother’s love for her children need no explanation. It is simply the kind of love that is willing to sacrifice anything and everything just for the welfare of their children. That is the kind of love mothers have for their children.

But, who would have thought that such kind of love is not only applicable to human beings but to animals too?

Just like what this female dog did after her puppies were trapped inside a water drainage.

Facebook page The Epoch Times Canada uploaded the video and it has immediately gained the sympathy of netizens. Trending News Portal reported that the heart-stopping rescue was documented by the dog’s owner who helped the concerned mama save her babies.

In the video,it can be seen that it was raining but the droplets did not stop the drenched mother to fight for her babies’ safety. The dog furiously dug the ground as it tries to make an entrance to the drainage. While her owner decided to get a pitcher to scoop the water away from the trapped pup.

When the hole was big enough to fit her, the dog immediately jumped into it and tried to reach her pups. The dog went all the way inside as its owner continued to help save the lives of the young puppies. It took a couple of seconds before this brave mother came out with her unresponsive children.

Seeing that the puppy was unresponsive, the owner immediately grabbed the soaked little one and quickly tried to revive the unconscious puppy one by one.

Thankfully, after a couple attempts, the little puppies finally grasps for air. The mother dog’s effort finally paid off and shr successfully rescued her babies and was happy to be reunited with them again.

Meanwhile, netizens were so delighted to witness the reunion between the little dogs and their mother. It sure was a satisfying moment to watch. One that is worthy of being featured in a movie based on a true story.

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