Man lives with “flesh” turtle shell on back for 40 years, yet more frightening truth revealed…

This pensioner has an enormous tumor on his back as big as an enormous turtle shell – which he has been carrying around for 40 years.

Hesus Demata, 76, first noticed a tiny lump the size of an olive just below his neck in 1978. However, the married father-of-four said he did not go to the doctors at that time because there was no pain. But the most important reason was that he was afraid of large medical bills.
Tragically, the small tumor kept growing till it is now half a metre (1.5 feet) wide and stretches down to his backside.
It weighs around five kilograms. Hesus has finally stopped his £150-a-month job as a farmer because the tumour became too heavy to lug around all day in the fields.

Locals in Camarines Norte, Philippines, are now trying to donate enough money to send Hesus to hospital. Everyone all wish him to have an operation, which could cost the equivalent of thousands of pounds.
Speaking outside his home with wife Florentina Demata, 74, Hesus said he still felt no pain from the growth but was ”tired because of its weight”.

He added: It started on my left shoulder. It was the size of calamansi fruit [a mandarin-sized citrus fruit]. Just very small.

“I didn’t bother with doctors because it was not painful. I was afraid that the treatment will cost a huge amount of money. I only get enough money for food and to pay farming expenses.”

“This has been on my back for a long time now. I used to work hard in the farm when this was small. Now that it has gone to this size, I have had to stop because it’s really heavy.”
Florentina said that they have four children who sometimes help them in the farm and support them.

Seeing this video on the Internet, many have expressed their pity and wish him to get rid of the tumor as soon as possible.
Ella Mabasag said, ” I hope someone can get hold and refer him to the group of American Doctors who does medical mission in Philippines.”

Some wish, “Please any doctor help him sooooo sad” or “Oh Lord please send someone to help this man financially for his tumor to undergo check up and operation as well tnx
Back pain is a possible sign or back tumor
Obviously there are several symptoms of early tumor on the Internet such as back pain, tired, ect… People should be aware of these symptoms and have annual medical check so that any medical intervene can be conducted when needed.

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