Invention for those who overslept: This alarm slaps you awake!

Do you find it’s hard to get up in the morning? Have you learned to automatically hit the snooze button on your phone’s alarm clock? Do you have to keep multiple devices placed throughout the room that go off at different times because you can unlock your phone and turn off all your alarms in your sleep? Or o you have to ask your parents to wake you up because you just can’t trust yourself?

There might be a solution for you, because this magic alarm clock has been invented and put on sale!

This is the weird yet magical combination of Halloween design and engineering: an alarm clock that slaps you awake. It may sound terrifying or like some sort of performance art, but you can’t argue against the effectiveness of it. Just imagine, being forced out of bed every morning simply because an alarm won’t stop hitting you (how lame is that?).

This is what it looks like – somehow this scene look like being cut out from a horror movie

Until it turns out to be a sci-fi comedy

Not the most stable or elegant design, but it certainly got the job done and forced this girl to wake up and turn it off.

This may sounds bad, but it’s so much fun to watch someone get wrenched out of sleep by getting slapped with a slapping alarm clock.

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