Guy proposes to his girlfriend with a pink car

In the past, there has been many gimmicks used during proposals that has trended and became viral all over the social media world. Despite these numerous gimmicks, people still tend to show off their creative nature by improvising and making their own proposal a unique one.

Just like this man who took the standard of proposals to an entirely new level!

In a video posted by the Facebook page, Viral Sach, a man and a woman was first seen standing side by side in the middle of a football field. The woman was seen wearing a blindfold before the man instructed her to take off the blindfold.

Also seen in the video were a few people behind the couple and a giant gift box in front of the girl. The girl was holding on to the ribbon that can instantly unfold what was inside the giant gift box.

After saying a few more words to the girl, the guy then finally instructs her to let go of the ribbon.

At first, it was just pink balloons that sprung out of the box. Surprisingly, in the middle of the box is a pink colored car. The girl simply can’t contain her surprised expression and she was even more surprised when the guy suddenly went down on his knees, produced a ring and popped the question.

The girl immediately gave her sweet YES to the guy without any hesitation.

The whole video was just too full of love and happiness and we wish that these too will be present all throughout the remaining journey of the soon to be wed couple.
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