Guy gets a brand new car on his 18th birthday

The love of parents for their children is simply immeasurable and unconditional. They are willing to go through anything just to provide the needs and even the wants of their beloved children.

Just like how these parents made the extra effort just to make the wish of their child come true.

In a video uploaded by a Facebook user named Maybhelyn Dela Cruz, a family were celebrating a birthday. The mom was carrying a tuxedo designed cake as the crowd sang the Happy Birthday song.

The mom then asked the son what he wanted as a gift for his 18th birthday before he blew the candle. The son whispered that he wanted to have a car.

After blowing the candle, he was asked to pull out the Happy Birthday inscription from the cake. What came out were pieces of Philippine peso bills wrapped in transparent plastic. At the bottom of these wraps was a photo of a red car.

The son looked a little upset upon seeing that it was only a photo. But he soon shed tears after his father gave him a key – the key to his brand new car!

The son failed to hold back his tears of happiness after realizing that his parents really took the effort to buy him what he wished for.

At the end of the video, the son can be seen making his way to his new car probably to test drive it and work on becoming familiar with its functions.

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