2 cute kids “melt” netizens when doing “kung fu” with watermelon

In the past few days, netizens have widely shared a video which showed a couple of kids do everything they could to break the water melon.

Try their best to break the watermelon

In the video clip, these 2 girls took the watermelon to the yard. First, the younger sister used her head to hit this fruit but she failed. After that, her elder sister came and had the actions as if she was very good at martial arts. She tried her best to hit the watermelon by her buttock. Unfortunately, she didn’t succeed. Finally, she couldn’t be so patient that she threw the fruit down to the ground. As a result, they picked it up and ate water melon together.

The elder sister did kung fu

After being posted online, the clip made people very excited and funny because 2 kids are so lovely. A lot of netizens commented: “So cute, you are a professional kung fu martial master”.

“So cute, you are a professional martial master”

Kids are always cute and mischievous. Hopefully, these 2 cute babies will be always healthy and cute in the future.

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